13 million cbm of material to be dredged in 2022 as part of Sabetta seaport’s Seaway Canal reconstruction

Total scope of dredging estimated at 59.8 million cbm


Phase 2 of the project on reconstruction of Sabetta seaport’s Seaway Canal planned for 2022 foresees dredging of about 13 million cbm of material, Aleksandr Bengert, General Director of FSUE Hydrographic Company (part of State Corporation “Rosatom”), said in his interview with IAA PortNews magazine.

According to him, Phase 1 of the project has been completed this year.

“The scope of dredging performed at the Seaway Canal exceeded 47 million cbm including 32.5 million cbm dredged in 2020 and 15.1 million cbm – this year”, said Aleksandr Bengert.

Phase 1 of the project resulted in the expansion of the canal from 295 to 475 meters at its straight section and from 278 to 573 meters at the turn. An additional 475-meter wide branch was created. The canal was extended from 49 kilometers to 51.6 kilometers with the depth of 15.1 meters.

Two basins were built at the canal to ensure the delivery of technological equipment to Utrenny terminal. 32 floating aids to navigation placed along the canal.

“The total scope of dredging over two phases is estimated at 59.8 million cbm. Mordraga LLC is the contractor of dredging works”, told Aleksandr Bengert.

FSUE Hydrographic Company (part of State Corporation “Rosatom”) provides navigation and hydrographic support in the water area of the Northern Sea Route including the survey of bottom relief for keeping navigation charts and guides up-to-date, for providing the Northern Sea Route waters with aids to navigation and for informing seafarers about changing navigation circumstances. The company acts as a contractor under the projects on construction and operation of new port infrastructure facilities within the Northern Sea Route.


Photo by FSUE "Hydrographic Enterprise"
Source: PortNews