ASD Tug 3010 Ice Arc4 series to be laid down for Atomflot in September 2021

A series numbering five tugs is to be built by Damen

Damen plans to lay down ASD Tug 3010 Ice Arc4 series for Atomflot in September 2021, Aleksandr Degtyaryov, Head of Technical Department, Harbour Fleet Construction Supervision Group, FSUE Atomflot, said at the 4th International Conference “Development of Icebreaking and Support Fleet“ organized by IAA PortNews and held on 20 September 2021 as part of the NEVA Exhibition zero day programme.

According to him, the series numbering five tugs is to be completed by 2023.

The length of ASD Tug 3010 is 29.84 m, width – 10.43 m, draft – 4.9 m, speed – about 13.2 knots, engines - Caterpillar 2х1920 MW with Kongsberg US 255 thruster. Icebreaking capacity in flat field ice with bending strength of 500 kPa – at least 0.4.


Source: PortNews